GK Wireless System – Reserved

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Note: Prototypes will be produced in small batches, hence when it is out of stock please be patient. Keep an eye out for new stock on this page.

The GK Wireless system has been certified for use in Europe, The United Kingdom, The USA and Canada. Until the official production becomes available, you can order a hand made prototype at a slightly higher price. If you rather wait for a cheaper retail version, you can subscribe to the prospective buyers list here. Once there are enough prospective buyers a series production will be started and you will receive a 50 euro discount coupon for the retail version.

Please make sure you understand the prototype limitations before you buy! More info about buying a prototype can be found in this post.

What is it?
The GK Wireless system is a wireless cable solution for use with a divided pickup from Roland(GK-2, GK-3) or Godin (SA). The GKW system consists of a sender- and receiver unit that can replace the 13 pin DIN cable between a guitar and an effect unit. It is capable of wireless transmission of 6 divided pickup outputs, regular pickup output and control signals; up, down, volume and mode switch. Hence, it will give more freedom of movement to a guitar player who wants to use a guitar synthesizer or -modeler (Roland GR-55, VG-99, etc). It is also more reliable than a 13-pin DIN cable as these cables tend to be heavy and prone to bad connections.

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Download the user manual here.

GKW Sender
The GKW sender unit must be connected to your GK-3 divided pickup with a short 13 pin DIN cable. If you have a guitar with built-in divided pickup you can use a standard 13-pin DIN cable. However, if you use a generic GK divided pickup that you have to mount on your guitar, you need a 13-pin locking plug because the standard plugs are too thick and do not fit. Locking plugs are a bit thinner.


Generic GK divided pickup not included


The GKW sender unit has a belt bracket so that you can conveniently clip it to your guitar belt.

Two 18650 batteries (3.7V) are used as a power source for the GKW sender. The sender consumes about 500mA, hence when using 3500mAh batteries you will have about 7 hours of playing time. Standard replaceable batteries were chosen in this design, so that you can easily insert fresh spare batteries while recharging the depleted ones. Batteries are not included with the GKW product as there are too many shipping restrictions for lithium batteries. But 18650 batteries are widely available in any country. SAFETY WARNING: Make sure you only use protected 18650 batteries with a button top.

Batteries not included

GKW Receiver
The GKW receiver unit must be connected to the guitar synthesizer or modeler with a short standard 13-pin DIN cable.

Power adapter not included

Any 5V - 20V DC power adapter, negative center, 300mA or more, can be used as a power source for the GKW receiver. A power adapter is not included with the GKW product, because the country requirements for power sockets are different all over the world. It is easier to buy a cheap universal power adapter at your local store. It is recommended to use a DC 9V, negative centered power adapter, like usually used with guitar effect pedals.
A nice (live) setup is to use your guitar synthesizer or modeler as an additional effect processor besides your regular amplifier (effects loop). The GKW system comes with an optional footswitch to switch between your synthesizer/modeler and your normal amplifier (stack / effects loop). It basically functions as an toggle switch with LED indication. When on, the dived pickup and normal pickup signals are routed through the 13 pin DIN cable to your synthesizer/modeler. When off, the normal pickup signal is routed to a jack amplifier output, which you connect to your amplifier (stack) and the 13-pin DIN output is muted. When no footswitch is connected, the GKW system operates in the on modus.
Build quality
Only high quality materials are used for the production of the GKW system. All used components are ROHS compliant [lead free].
Conformity to regulations
The GKW system conforms to the essential requirements of the following applicable directives and their associated norms.
UKCA Industry of Canada