Buying a GKW prototype

The GKW prototype has been certified to comply to all relevant regulations and carries the CE, UKCA, FCC and IC markings. Make sure your country accepts any of these markings for legal use of the device.

Customers outside Europe do not pay taxes upon ordering, but they might be charged with import taxes by their country.

  • The official warranty will be one year [carry-in].
  • Cables are prone to wear and are excluded from the warranty.
  • Warranty is not transferable to new owners.
  • Sender and receiver housings will be 3D printed.
  • No power adapter for the receiver unit is included. Any [negative central] DC 9v 300 mA power adapter (standard for stomp boxes) can be used with the GKW prototype. 
  • The sender works with two standard 18650 rechargeable batteries, which are not included. Make sure to use protected batteries with button top.
  • GKW prototype stock will be regularly updated in small amounts in the web shop.
  • The consumer right to withdrawal does not apply to the prototype, so make sure to read and agree to the prototype limitations below.

Here is what you will receive when buying a GKW System.

  • A GK Wireless Sender + belt clip + 50cm 13-pin DIN cable (to connect Sender to GK-x)
  • A GK Wireless Receiver + 50cm 13-pin DIN cable (to connect Receiver to synth/mod unit)
  • A Footswitch + 90cm jack cable (to connect FSW to Receiver)

Each system will be fully tested, but it is impossible for BluCoE to test it with all possible guitars and synthesizers. In principle support will only be given to the GR-55 / GK-3 setup in basic configuration. If you have doubts about your equipment then please contact BluCoE.

Prototype limitations

  • The system is intended for use with a GR-xx with direct output to an amplifier and not as midi converter. It is expected to work with all systems that use a GK-3 / GK-2A divided pickup, but it has only been tested with the Roland GR-xx systems. On the GR-55 the output volume of the GKWS is a bit lower than the cable. On the Boss SY1000 sythesizer it does work, but the sound levels for this system are much lower, so you must turn up the volume. Godin guitars have not been tested, but user reports confirm that they work with the prototype.
  • More than 95% of the GR-55 patches work perfectly fine, without noticeable latency or background noises. However, a very few patches that are already seeking the borders of noticeable latency, might be pushed over the top and some latency may be experienced with fast playing. Also for a very few patches with very high gain a light background noise may be noticeable when not playing. This can be resolved by slightly lowering the gain parameters of the patch. 
  • When using the footswitch to switch between regular guitar stack and synthesizer/modeler a (light) popping may be heard, depending on the patch and the connected equipment.
  • The GKW system is designed to co-exist with other 2.4GHz devices, so a fair amount of other 2.4 GHz devices (e.g.  WiFi) in the room will not be a problem. But there are limits, so when there is too much activity in the same RF spectrum, the performance of the GKW prototype may decrease.